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MAD GP 2013

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MAD GP 2013 Empty MAD GP 2013

Сообщение  fzztichta Вс Мар 10, 2013 8:21 am

MAD GP 2013 130224100504702608

It returns for the 4th year .............

ЛĄÐ the GP is back with still many surprises.

Proud of his experience, the team ЛĄÐ has demonstrated its expertise in competition with a style unlike any other. Indeed, it is the only in the world of dirt to be with a passage to the pits, under penalty of not being able to finish the map.

This is an opportunity for new entrants to come try their luck and show us their talent.

The three previous winners:
2010: ЛĄÐ Ghostrider
2011: »Do ड" Matteo
2012: ιиғιиιтч 'Nico

Can you successfully register your name to this list.
And here we go!
This is the moment awaited by all: the early inscriptions.

You have until 17 MARS 2013 to pick you up!

And waiting for the start of the competition, you can go hands on the server that you will come to rediscover the pleasure of the 3 previous editions or simply discover this unique competition:
Mad Retro GP
Servers info
Location: France-> High-Normandy> Eure
tmtp :/ / # join = add srv-6002





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